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Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice which uses guided hypnosis and teaches self hypnosis.It utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change in our thoughts,feelings and behaviour.It helps the client relax and to achieve the desired behavioural change eg weight loss,stopping smoking,reducing stress etc. In Hypnotherapy you will be guided into a relaxed state through mental imagery and soothing verbal repetition to achieve the desired behavioural change.You will not be unconscious or asleep.You will always retain free will.In the relaxed state of hypnotherapy,the client is better able to visualise change and commit to positive action.Hypnotherapy appointments on ZOOM .Phone Caroline for appointment at 087 9615995.Cost/Fee is 50 euro for one hour.


One Hour Weekly Sessions over ZOOM over 5 weeks using Self Hypnosis,Visualisation,NLP and Mindfulness to improve Motivation,Goal Setting,Self esteem,Emotional Eating and the Gut Microbiome to help you reach your Healthy Weight successfully. Cost /Fee is 50 euro per week. Phone Caroline at 087 9615995 .My book “Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East” is available on Amazon .It can also be purchased on kindle and is a comprehensive guide to Healthy Weight Management.


Tai chi classes for Beginners every Monday Evening On Zoom 6.30pm -7.30pm.

Classes also held every Wednesday morning at 10am @Nenagh Arts Centre for Beginners and Improvers.

Classes at Thurles Leisure Centre @11am on Monday Mornings.

Available to teach to Groups and Training Centres also.

To Book in,phone Caroline at 087 9615995


I am Caroline Rainsford I trained in Hypnotherapy and NLP with Kevin Kinahan at the Paul Golden Clinic.Hypnotherapy and NLP together help motivate Behavioural Change.

I first trained in Yang Tai Chi with Dr Deng who was also an Acupuncturist. I have also trained in Chen Tai Chi and I have attended Teaching workshops with Dr Paul Lam of The Tai Chi for Health Institute.I am also a Qualified Acupuncturist and member of ACI .

My Book “Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East” is available on


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