Protein For Weight Management

Protein is important for Weight Management.Not only will it keep you fuller for longer,but it will also speed up your metabolism and helps build muscle.Increasing your protein intake not only boosts your metabolism but increases the number of calories you burn.Keeping up your protein intake will also help prevent muscle loss during weight loss. Along with some weight training it helps you build muscle mass which also makes losing fat easier.Protein intake reduces ghrelin(the hunger hormone).In one study,it was found that increasing protein intake made overweight participants eat less calories without intentionally reducing consumption.

Some easy ways to get more Protein

1.Swap Greek Yogurt for your regular yogurt with additives and hidden sugar.

2.Add lentils to homemade soups.

3.Add black beans and quinoa to homemade veggie burgers.

4.Add low fat hummus to a cracker or sandwich.

5.Add protein powder to your smoothies.

6.Eat more peas or use pea protein plant based protein powder in smoothies.

7.Have a baked potato with cottage cheese.

8.Add some Feta or Goat’s cheese to your salads.

Some great Pea,Hemp and Faba bean protein powders are available from and and also


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I am Caroline Rainsford a Health Blogger and author of 'Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East' .I believe healthy eating habits ,exercise and self compassion are the keys to Health and weight management for all ages.Follow me on this blog to join in this healthy lifestyle community to engage your motivation and change !

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