Green Smoothie Hunger Fix

Smoothies are a great go to for Health and Weight Management when you feel like giving in to a hunger craving between your meals.Green smoothies can be nutrient dense and a source of protein which is important for muscle building and also Fibre which is good for the digestive system.Give yourself an energy blast with this green smoothie instead of a coffee and bikkie!


One scoop of Pulsin Plant based pea protein(or any other protein powder)

One cup of mixed green leaves

One and a half oz sliced avocado

One stalk celery

One cup almond or oat milk

Half an apple sliced

Add a little water if desired

Blend in your blender or smoothie maker!

I find the NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet a good fast blender,but you can use any blender you have!

A Good Green smoothie recipe book is Green Smoothies:Alkaline Green Smoothie Recipes to Detox available on amazon uk


Published by carolinerainsford

I am Caroline Rainsford a Health Blogger and author of 'Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East' .I believe healthy eating habits ,exercise and self compassion are the keys to Health and weight management for all ages.Follow me on this blog to join in this healthy lifestyle community to engage your motivation and change !

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