A commitment to Health can be part of a bigger commitment to self care.When we take care of our skin we feel and we look better,it is like nourishing our whole body.Just as we should be choosy about the quality of food we put into our mouths ,we should be the same with our skin.Do you study the ingredients on food labels?It stands to reason that we should do the same with skincare products and makeup. Research has shown that endocrine disrupting chemicals such as parabens and phthalates can pose a risk during prenatal and early postnatal development.Exposure to these chemicals have also been linked to cancer.The EWG in the U.S.A. gives a list of the twelve toxic chemicals and contaminants in cosmetics

A U.K. company that does a good range of natural skincare products is

In Ireland Natural Skincare Emporium has a great selection of natural products


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I am Caroline Rainsford a Health Blogger and author of 'Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East' .I believe healthy eating habits ,exercise and self compassion are the keys to Health and weight management for all ages.Follow me on this blog to join in this healthy lifestyle community to engage your motivation and change !

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