Food Elimination Diet For Intolerances

Do you sometimes feel tired and run down with no explanation?The answer may be what you are eating.Trying an elimination diet may be the way to pinpoint food sensitivities.Some experts say up to 20% of the population suffer from a food intolerance .Elimination diets can help with bloating ,gas,constipation etc.Some people feel better by eliminating the food type they think they are sensitive to,others find the FODMAP elimination diet a help.

If you suspect certain foods are causing the problem,you can initially cut them out for a while and gradually add them back in, one by one.You are trying to see what foods could be triggers causing inflammation etc.Food Intolerance are different to food allergies which can be life threatening.If you have a food allergy you should only try an elimination diet under the supervision of a medical professional.What are the common foods to avoid during elimination?Common intolerances can be dairy products,gluten, shellfish,,onions,tomatoes,peppers,peanuts,sugar,coffee etc.Some people feel better after a few days of doing an elimination diet,but it can take several weeks to see a difference.If your symptoms persist after removing the foods you think you are sensitive to,consult with your doctor.

If you have a history of eating disorders,it is best to do this under medical supervision only.

A good Book on FODMOP is

Another good book for people suffering food Intolerances,Candida and Fatigue is


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