Tai chi,Qi Gong and Yoga For Calm

We have all had a very different year to our life before the pandemic.It takes time to get back to our social groove again .Dr Ahmed Hankir,a psychiatrist writing in the Daily Mail on 8/6 21 says “if we rush back in with elaborate social plans or parties we may be overwhelmed and this could increase our risk of experiencing anxiety and depression”.Easing back in slowly with the help of some Tai chi ,yoga or Qi Gong may be the way to go! Tai chi is a series of slow movements and is often described as meditation in motion.An article on the Mayo Clinic website “Tai chi :a gentle way to fight stress” says the benefits of Tai chi may include decreased stress, anxiety and depression. Qi Gong is a series of simple postures and exercises that open up muscles,joints and tendons to allow energy to flow throughout the body.Kenneth Cohen,author of ‘The Way of Qi Gong’ says “The Three Pillars of Qi Gong practice are body,breath and mind.If your body is relaxed your breathing will slow down.When your breath is slow ,you feel more centred,more calm and more in touch with yourself”. Studies have found that a little yoga in the morning evening or lunch break can also lower stress,increase our productivity and improve our self compassion.We all need a little self compassion as we re-emerge from the past year!Research has shown that individuals who have more self compassion tend to have greater happiness,life satisfaction and less anxiety.That can’t be bad for us.

Westway Tai chi and Qi Gong do online Tai chi and Yoga classes.See https://www.westway.ie

A variety of yoga classes can be found on doyogawithme.See https://www.doyogawithme.com

Another interesting book on Qi Gong is ‘Art of Chi Kung’ which can be ordered in bookshops or on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Chi-Kung-Wong-Kiew/dp/9834087942


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I am Caroline Rainsford a Health Blogger and author of 'Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East' .I believe healthy eating habits ,exercise and self compassion are the keys to Health and weight management for all ages.Follow me on this blog to join in this healthy lifestyle community to engage your motivation and change !

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