Sea Meditation For The Soul

I have just come back from a few days by the sea .Spending time on some of the beautiful beaches in Donegal was good for refreshing the body mind and spirit.There is something about the sea that really heals the spirit,just sitting on the beach and looking at the sea is equivalent to a mini- meditation for calming the mind.We need nature to restore our spirit.Naomi Tolley writing about the healing power of the ocean says “covering 71 per cent of the earths surface,the oceans provide much of the food we eat,supply 50 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere,support more than 90 per cent of the trade between countries by ship….” . I live a little over an hour from a surfing beach.Every so often I will go there with the wet suit and body board,sometimes hiring a surfboard just to simply lie on the board and coast in with the waves.I find I return home with a rejuvenated mind.Richard Shuster clinical psychologist and host of The Daily Helping podcast says “staring at the ocean actually changes our brainwaves frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state”. See

Sea meditation is the way to go if you want a short staycation this year!

See “Harnessing the Healing power of the ocean”

A book worth reading is The Blue Mind:The surprising science that shows that how being near,in,on or under water can make you happier,healthier and more connected and better at what you do .See-


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