Plant Based Diet Benefits(including weight loss).

A mainly plant based diet means eating mostly fruit, vegetables,beans,lentils,whole grains,seeds,nuts,herbs and spices.What is the benefit of a plant based diet for Health and Weight Management? In the five places in the world(The blue Zones)with the largest percentage of centenarians,the diet is 95% to 100% whole food and plant based.Their diet is rich in root vegetables,beans and wholegrains . A study reported on nature .com was a randomised controlled trial using a whole food plant-based diet.The study concluded that after 6 months on a whole food plant based diet,mean BMI reduction was better with the whole food plant based diet.A whole food plant based diet can also reduce the risk factors of many chronic diseases by reducing inflammation,toxic levels of sugar and fat and excess oxidation. A physicians committee tested a plant based diet in a trial of 64 women.The participants had to follow two guidelines 1)To set aside all animal products and 2)Keep oils to a minimum.The average weight loss reported was about a pound a week without calorie counting.Because plant based diets are packed with fiber they can make you feel fuller faster.By leaving out the meat,eggs,cheese and limiting the oils you are ingesting alot less fat.

A good cookbook on the plant based diet is -The complete plant based cookbook for beginners is available to order in bookshops and on amazon.See-



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