Mental Fitness-Book Review

I picked up this book by Ant Middleton because the title sounded interesting.He starts the book describing his time in the Royal Marines and the necessity of building not only physical but mental fitness.In chapter two he talks about building confidence ,saying it’s a process, the only antidote to imposter syndrome being to build a solid foundation of inner confidence.He discusses routines later in the book saying “what you put into your body,how much sleep you get,the effort you invest in your mental well-being…..they’re all connected”.His advice on failure is worth absorbing, emphasising that we should not allow failures define or stop us.In chapter eight he talks about anxiety,he describes it as a negative form of energy that can be tipped over to a positive.Later in the book he says there is no such thing as a perfect body and we all owe it to ourselves to make peace with it and embrace self care.He has important advice on emotions in chapter 11,saying “if your’e locking an emotion off,you’re restricting who you could become and what you can achieve” only you can know and control your emotions.His advice in chapter 12 is worth noting “that when things go wrong,adopt a leadership mentality “and by taking the initiative it will help in solving the problem.Towards the end of the book he talks about standing up for ourselves and that a bully’s negativity should not be taken on board.I would highly recommend this book as a guide to building mental fitness;when our mental and physical capacities work in harmony we can achieve so much more! See


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