5 Minutes Ready Work Lunch

You only have 30 minutes for lunch.Do you grab a soggy sandwich from the nearby shop or help yourself to a Healthy Nutritious Salad that will boost your energy levels and take 5 minutes or less to prepare?The key is preparation.Plan ahead a Healthy Salad Shop at the weekend including salad leaves,cherry tomatoes ,prepared quinoa/rice,apples,a source of protein and anything nutritious that takes your fancy eg peppers,greens,fruit,seeds etc.On workdays bring your lunch box with salad ingredients (store in fridge if available) .If you work from home you will be ready to go!Enjoy a quick healthy lunch any day of the week with a little forward planning!For some more ideas see https://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/17-salad-recipes-for-a-healthy-packed-lunch/


Published by carolinerainsford

I am Caroline Rainsford a Health Blogger and author of 'Health and Weight Management Teachings From The East' .I believe healthy eating habits ,exercise and self compassion are the keys to Health and weight management for all ages.Follow me on this blog to join in this healthy lifestyle community to engage your motivation and change !

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