Tai chi for fitness

Tai chi is an internal Chinese Martial art,but it can be practiced by beginners and experienced practitioners for Health and Weight Management.It also has beneficial effects on psychological wellbeing.Tai chi helps to improve your Qi (energy flow) , builds stamina and improves your balance.An article from the Mayo clinic website said”Tai chi is sometimes describedContinue reading “Tai chi for fitness”

Soup to Satiate Your Hunger!

Hearty Healthy Soup Ingredients: 390gr tin of green lentils (drain the can) 390gr tin of chopped tomatoes 2 medium potatoes chopped 1 medium chopped sweet potato 3 stalks(ribs) of celery chopped 3 florets of broccoli Half a teaspoon of turmeric 2 cubes of vegetable stock 3 to 4 teaspoons of mixed herbs Note, if youContinue reading “Soup to Satiate Your Hunger!”

Gut Health and Your Weight

Your Gut bacteria plays an important role in your health.It affects how foods are digested and also produces vitamins including vitamin K. Your Gut bacteria also helps the body fight infection.One study found that obesity was linked to lower Gut bacteria diversity.Other studies have shown that people with a high Fibre Diet are slimmer, whichContinue reading “Gut Health and Your Weight”

Carrot and Ginger Smoothie

This is a favourite of mine especially if you are low in energy and need a boost!Way better than reaching for a coffee and snack!Ginger is a great immune booster and anti -inflammatory!Turmeric is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory!The next time you have that 3pm afternoon slump,try reaching for your carrot smoothie and give yourselfContinue reading “Carrot and Ginger Smoothie”

Mindfulness and Eating

Mindfulness begins with the breath. Thich Nhat Hanh says that eating in mindfulness is an important practice .When you are ready to eat he suggests saying “Breathing in,I calm my body.Breathing out I smile”,three times .Although initially it may be hard to reach a state of calm equilibrium ,with practice we will begin to seeContinue reading “Mindfulness and Eating”

Weight Management

Weight Management is a combination of techniques and strategies that contribute to the ability to attain and maintain your healthy weight.Weight Management focuses on achieving a healthy weight through healthy eating and regular daily physical activity.My book Health and Weight Management teachings from the East to be available in April 2021 is focused on healthyContinue reading “Weight Management”