Soup to Satiate Your Hunger!

Hearty Healthy Soup


390gr tin of green lentils (drain the can)

390gr tin of chopped tomatoes

2 medium potatoes chopped

1 medium chopped sweet potato

3 stalks(ribs) of celery chopped

3 florets of broccoli

Half a teaspoon of turmeric

2 cubes of vegetable stock

3 to 4 teaspoons of mixed herbs

Note, if you do not have all the ingredients ,you can simply improvise and replace the missing ingredients with some pasta, chopped cabbage or peppers for e.g.!


Place the chopped potato,sweet potato,celery,lentils and vegetable stock cubes in a pot and cover with water.Bring to boil and then add broccoli,turmeric,mixed herbs and tin of tomatoes, stir ingredients well, turn down heat and simmer until ingredients are soft.You can have the soup at this stage but if you prefer a richer more aromatic flavour,place the soup now in a casserole dish,sprinkle the top of the soup with more mixed herbs ,oregano etc and place in the oven at a medium heat for 30 minutes.Add some more water to the soup in casserole dish if not sufficient liquid, before placing in the oven.You should have enough for a couple of meals!Enjoy!

If you want to try plenty of soup recipes for variety then the reasonably priced ‘The essential soup maker recipe book’ by Sarah K .parker is a good choice!


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