Healthy Gut Microbiome

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I attended a talk last night with Dr Ann-Marie Eustace Ryan,Gastroenterologist and author of “Bug of War”which was certainly food for thought!Our Gut is full of trillions of bacteria.Healthy and Diverse Gut Microbiome is very important for our immune system,heart,weight and overall health.Certain bacteria will digest fiber which will produce short-chain fatty acids that are important for gut health.Our Gut Microbiome controls and helps our immune system.When there is an imbalance of Gut Microbes also called Gut dysbiosis,it may contribute to weight gain.Dr Ann-Marie advised eating a varied diet to improve our Gut Health with plenty of Greens,Seeds,Healthy Grains and Fruit.

The composition of our Gut Microbiota changes over time,with changes in our diet and overall health.Professor Tim Spector an epidemiologist at King’s College London has said “Lots of things that people don’t think about,like depression and anxiety,are clearly modified by your gut microbes”.He also said”I think it’s safe to say that ulta-processed foods are bad for your gut microbes and we should avoid eating them regularly”.

There is certainly alot of Food for Thought the next time we hit the supermarket shelves !


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